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I’m a young italian architect, born in calabria specifically, in abeautiful land full of a great natural heritage. i chose to studyarchitecture because i always remained captivated by its expressive powerand its lightweight nature of embracing the environment and transform it .i am a very humble guy, determined and with so much desire to get involved.i know what it means to commit to something until its achievement,work in a methodology in order to meet deadlines and strengths? well , i’m focused , pay attention to details ,motivated and ienjoy work that pushes me to think outside the box. my greatest weakness?i’m quite self-critical! i always try to analyze why something went wrong.i’m a very dedicated person and i expect the same kind of application from otherpeople. some people would consider the fact i’ ve never worked in this fieldbefore as a weakness but i’ve no preconceived. my dream is to be an architectand i know that i’ve to practise hard to become a good one. i would like towork with a motivated collective in a workspace. i’m nice and sociable but inmy opinion my best quality is the resilience. i look forward to hearing from you.

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2Flessibilità Adattabilità
3Resistenza allo stress
9Power Point

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1 Inglese B1