My experience of University in Bologna

  • 29-05-2018

   We all know it can be a frustrating and sometimes painful experience going to study in a foreign country, with its different language and culture. As an international student here in Bologna, I feel too deeply about it for that.

As soon as I completed my tertiary education in China, I came to Bologna to start my graduate studies in 2016. My major in the university in China was Italian literature, so I have been cocksure of choosing a course in Italian, but the fact “mi ha detto di no”

  First of all, because of the different language, although I understood the lessons and remembered every page of the slide and the books, the exam was not what I thought. Fortunately, I can take the same exam many times. So I took an exam called “metodologia” for five times. And even though I studied Italian for 4 years in China, Italian is still very difficult for me. In order to keep up with speaking speed of the Italians, I often speak Italian and English together, like “I am fuori” or “No, no sto bene. And you?” stupid but useful.

  Second, I can feel the cultural differences between China and Italy, which is very interesting to me. And the cultural differences reflect in everywhere. For example, the food. It took me a long time to get used to eat standing up with a slice of pizza. I do enjoy these differences. The different life style, dress style, the different sorts of strikes, great enthusiasm for football and the speaking speed of the Italians and etc.

  The third one is this city. Bologna. I have been to Naples for one year as an exchange student. Although Bologna and Naples are two Italian cities, they are quite different. For me, Naples was always highly excited, and my life here in Bologna is generally quiet and peaceful. Well, it may also because of the academic pressure.

  At last, living and studying in Italy shows me a new and different perspective of the world and, perhaps most important, of my own country. Once beyond the initial shock of being in a brand-new culture, it has enriched my life and world outlook. Standing on the land of Italy, on returning home, I inevitable see my future in a new, often more appreciative light.

 In the almost two years of student life here in Bologna, in University of Bologna, I grew so much. I have no idea about this growing-up is positive or not. But I have to say is a tough process. I used to hide myself in my little room and burst into tears like a child because of homesickness and I chose to overcome it. I also felt guilty and inferior because I got 12 after studied really hard and my friend got 26. Luckily, after many tries, I got a satisfactory result. I had no time to travel, in these two years, the farthest city I went to was Rome. But also during this period, I finished two papers in three weeks, and finally I derived great pleasure from reading. Therefore, as a true insider, I can’t make an objective evaluation of my experience in Bologna. I have to say it is worthy and regretless.